Dental Care Using Natures Smile Gum Balm

Dental care today is no longer just a matter of filling tooth cavities or extracting decayed teeth. Oral health is now known to be important to the general health and well being of a person.

There is an established relationship between gum disease receding gums like and other systematic conditions such as heart disease.

Gingivitis, which affects the gums can creep up relatively unnoticed and will call for a visit to the dentist. The dentist will recommend that the person needs his/her teeth to be cleaned.

Cleaning the teeth has a different meaning to the dentist as to the understanding of teeth ‘cleaning’ by the patient who thinks ‘cleaning’ is simply brushing the teeth!

If the gum disease has not progressed to the condition known as periodontitis, then the dentist will recommend either cleaning or root planing treatment.

But! Says the patient what is he difference.

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Dental Cleaning of Teeth.         

By using dental instruments the dentist will scrape away any plaque or tartar residues found on the surfaces of the teeth. This is a different kind of ‘cleaning’ to what the patient understands by ‘cleaning’. The dentist will explain that simple brushing will not remove these kinds of deposits.        

The dentist will not try this kind of ‘cleaning’ on any patient who shows signs of having periodontal disease, gum recession, or infection around the teeth.   

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The ‘cleaning’ procedure is for patients who do not have any gum disease but exhibit the symptoms of early plaque build up.Any signs of gum or tooth infection will be viewed as a disease by the dentist, who will carry out a diagnostic routine and probably recommend root planing treatment.

Root Planing Treatment

Root planning goes far beyond the relatively simple ‘cleaning’ procedure. It is a treatment aimed at healing a fairly advanced disease condition. It is a time-consuming procedure designed to remove plaque, tartar, bacteria and other toxins from the root surfaces of the teeth. How To Regrow Gum Tissue Naturally?

The hard tissue which covers the root of the tooth (cementum), and the dentin, which lies underneath the cementum frequently become diseased by periodontitis and are also removed from this kind of gum disease receding gums treatment.

The removal of such disease-causing substances permits the body’s natural immune system to respond, and begin the healing process following root planing.The root planing procedure is always used at some time or other in treating periodontitis, either as a complete treatment itself or as a preparation for oral surgery.

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Avoid Gum Disease Receding Gums:

The importance of teeth brushing, properly to ensure the prevention of gum disorders is essential. Try not to use store brand toothpaste as these products are full of chemicals. Find 100% natural toothpaste such as Natures smile gum balm. This product is made in Sweden.